Get to know the artists behind Aesca's designs.



Oil on Canvas Artist: Kayumanggi Collection

“At a young age, I always knew that I was a warrior and that my greatest weapon was art", said Aleli Ariola. Growing up, pondered with full of curiosity, questions and rebellion about gender roles and acts of humanity, Alelia's paintings and murals have always been described as strong, bold, boosted with morale and is roaringly feminist. A self-taught painter from Silang Cavite Philippines, Alelia depicts real stories of women and society. In her paintings show the details of images that elucidate struggles, pains, happiness, bravery and kindness of individuals. Most of her subjects are women showing fierceness and acts of resistance. ‘’I’d like to empower people especially women to roar louder, not only for themselves, but also for others.”  She believes that women are getting stronger everyday as they resist and exist in a patriarchal society, raising fists to protect the humanity. Working on oil on canvas, she uses earthy colours that signify the natural beauty and morals of humanity. She has done several group shows in Manila and Cavite and a two-woman show at Kanto Gallery in 2017. She has also done commissioned murals for local coffee shops in Cavite and Laguna, as well as art initiative murals in La Union, Davao, Bicol, and Cavite. She is also one the female artists who is behind the artworks for several women’s rights groups in the Philippines.


Watercolor Artist: Tropik Collection

Anna Escalona is an artist who had a passion to express herself through the use of watercolor. This media perfectly embodies her spontaneous and fluid persona, her transparency and rawness that candidly present all the layers of her life’s journey through struggles and triumphs beautifully. She has done 3 art exhibits, which was a one-woman show as the first at Big Bad Wolf, Fort Bonifacio, following her second at Life Yoga Studio, Fort Bonifacio, and her third at the Village Art Gallery, Alabang Town Center. Being a strong believer that the individuality of all women must be recognized and celebrated in all forms and all emotions, her first exhibit comprised of a theme surrounding their empowerment. She has also commissioned her artwork with a local brand called K&K Personal Store, turning her work of art into placemats. Her story journeys from her childhood where she explored her artistry and dedicates her life in continuing to tell stories through her works with the desire to reach the world with masterpieces that lingers in one’s soul. Now, as the President and CEO of Aesca, she continues sharing her love for art as she invites other artists to tell their own stories to the world.


Pastel Artist: Sisterhood Collection

CELESTE LECAROZ is a wife, mom, entrepreneur and literacy advocate who began her artistic journey with coloring adult coloring books. Encouraged by family, friends and mentors, she made the big leap in 2016 as a full-fledged artist. Since then she has done numerous group and solo exhibits, the latest of which was a solo show in 2019 that featured 55 portraits of Filipino tycoons done in spontaneous realism (vibrant colors in seemingly haphazard brush strokes). Ces, as she is fondly called, is also a pastel artist. The Sisterhood Series for Aesca is her first foray into wearable art for footwear. 



Digital Artist: Kalikasan Collection

Growing up as a young creative, the distinction between art and graphic design has always overlapped through Byron’s eyes. While studying high school in the Philippines, he would create bulletin boards and class shirts for his schoolmates. This gave him an opportunity to express his craft, yet consider what people needed. As he might define today, “Art is an expression of one’s understanding of the world, meanwhile, design is an understanding of what the world needs to express. However, both can co-exist.” His unique perspective on the world and multi-disciplinary approach eventually evolved into a career in art direction — a path that requires being both creatively skilled and insightful.


       At the raw age of 23, he collaborated with a colleague in crafting a cover for Ad Age, a publication based in New York. The magazine launched in Europe, where he decided to eventually relocate. Now settled in Germany, he is studying creative ways to address the needs of the planet and its citizens through ecology & design. Seeing a world affected by the climate crisis, ecological breakdown, and social problems, he decided to create with a purpose by having no borders between disciplines. Art is in design. Design is a science. Science is an art form.

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Artist & Missionary

Being able to draw before learning how to write foretold what Kristine was born for.


Kristine S. Lim graduated Cum Laude from the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts with a major in Visual Communications. As a University Scholar for four consecutive years, she passionately explored her chosen path and grew as a multi- disciplinary artist, with painting, drawing, graphic design, film and digital photography and digital art as her areas of interest.

Over the years she has come to understand what visual art means for her. Art is not to be viewed solely with the eyes but more so with one’s own heart, mind and point of view.


It is clear to her that her God given skill is a way to relay something beyond what she wants to convey, where stories goes past all known words and lexis.


Now a wife to Jasper and a mom to Justine, John(+) and Judah, Kristine continues to create art in obedience to calls for her at specific moments and circumstances. And as what she will always say: “It’s not about what I want to let you know but rather what you, on your own, need to realize, feel and discover.”