Laban At Lakas Abaca Face Masks (adult size)

Laban At Lakas Abaca Face Masks (adult size)

Set of 3 art on Abaca face mask (adult size).


LABAN AT LAKAS is AESCA’s newest product line that aims to help in flattening the curve while showing the world the resiliency, creativity and innovative spirit of Filipinos.

AESCA’s Eco-Friendly Abaca Face Mask features artworks from Alelia Ariola. 

The Philippines now boast Abaca, the strongest fiber in the world, as an effective material to be used for face masks. It has three layers: two layers of abaca-based filters in 90 to 220 gram per square meter (gsm) and one layer of cloth. 

The test about using abaca as a face masks was conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Filtration and porosity showed that abaca paper’s filtration rate is 7 times better than cloth and it has lower water absorption than an N95 mask. It is also washable and reusable.

Through LABAN AT LAKAS, may we have a new ray of hope and endurance that we need to help us get through this pandemic.

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