Buhay-Kubo Linen Wrap Skirt

Buhay-Kubo Linen Wrap Skirt

The Buhay-Kubo artwork pattern designed and hand-draw by Pinay artist, Anna Escalona, is now on 100% linen flax wrap skirt.


Buhay-Kubo is the kind of life its artist beautifully lives to the fullest.


Away from the city’s hustle and bustle, simple living is where she finds her most beautiful and extraordinary adventures.


Take a peek inside her own world through AESCA’s Buhay-Kubo wearable art. Wear the icons of Philippine culture such as the bahay kubo, palm trees and coconuts as they accompany you on your own simple yet extraordinary journey.




- Waist: 26" - 28"

- Length: 14"



- Waist: 28" - 30"

- Length: 15"



- Waist: 30" - 32"

- Length: 16"