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We change why you shop, for good, contributing to good causes. Aesca partners with one mental health institution at a time donating part of the proceeds to NGO's located in the Philippines. Besides aiming to give you beautifully-made products with artworks passionately made by local artists and heartfully handmade by local Filipino artisans, we infuse more meaning into purchasing these goods as you make positive and influential differences in our world. We believe in products that are carefully made with local materials assembled into something you can share and show people worldwide.

We invite you to join us in this mission to preserve the craftsmanship and values of the beauty of local Filipino products, to give more venue for our local artists to speak their voices through their art with our creations, and to reach lives of individuals who are facing mental health challenges.

Since the pandemic began, Aesca has been taking part in donating food, water, anti-COVID materials to front liners and to less fortunate areas in the Philippines.  Part of our proceeds are continuously being used to help these communities. We have also asked children to make artwork letters for our heroes, the front liners, to help boost their spirits in this trying time!  Your purchase goes a long, long way! Thank you so much for all the wonderful support for our advocacy. #WeAreInThisTogether

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