A strong woman and artist, Anna Escalona, who started with nothing but a dream, created Aesca in 2017. Today, she lives her dream of expressing her creativity with a vision. She envisions Aesca to be an epitome of her country’s rich history, culture and nature by breathing life and pride with creative individuals whose stories are worthy to be told. The birth of Aesca was the merging of passion for what should be seen and a call for acknowledgement for local artists and hidden talents to be known. Aesca positions itself as a platform for Filipino artists and creative individuals to express themselves widely with visuals that not only echoes but also embeds its existence in the hearts and minds of those it reaches. By incorporating masterpieces on all Aesca creations, the stories that are too rich for words to express will soon be beautifully recognized by the world. Aesca dares to dream, create and be seen. 




After years of being apart from the art scene, Kristine S. Lim is back to make a statement and push for action. (Virtual Exhibit opens on Oct. 2, 2020)